About the Guild
Innovative project-oriented platform to promote multi-sector trade, business, science and technology cooperation between Russia and Vietnam.
The Russian-Vietnamese Guild of Commerce (RVGC - Hiệp Hội Thương Mại LB Nga-Việt Nam) has been legally part of the ANO SOVED - UNION OF INDUSTRIAL PARTICIPANTS OF EXTERNAL ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES since 2022
The Guild's Mission
"Promoting the main goals and objectives of the comprehensive strategic partnership between Russia and Vietnam, based on the long-standing friendship and trust between our countries, by strengthening Russian-Vietnamese mutual beneficial in trade, economic, scientific, technical and business cooperation.

Acting as an indispensable partner, we provide comprehensive support to promote the most active, advanced players and goal-oriented platforms of business cooperation between Moscow and Hanoi."
RVGC Strategy
We have a unique experience in managing complex and unstructured projects and we are ready to share our experience to our partners.
The accumulated skills and experience in various areas of bilateral Russian-Vietnamese cooperation allows us to identify potential projects and startups in order to achieve the ambitious goals of the Russian and Vietnamese business networks.
Together we will always find the best solution to the problems that Russian and Vietnamese companies may face on.
The Guild is ready to consider co-investment in advanced or existing infrastructure projects in various areas of the Russian and Vietnamese economies.
Tasks of the Guild
Promoting the main goals of the comprehensive strategic partnership between Russia and Vietnam.
We have a unique experience in international trade and logistics, industrial production and agriculture, IT technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, medicine, tourism. We are involved in and provide assistance in the steady increasing the rates of bilateral trade, scientific and technical cooperation between Moscow and Hanoi.
Promoting deeper mutual understanding between Russian and Vietnamese business communities on a wide range of bilateral cooperation.
Our Virtues
The best way to maintain the trust our Partners is to outperform their expectations in every single interaction.
  • Trust and privacy in working with partners.
  • Responsibility, honesty, teamwork.
  • High standards of business ethics when dealing with Vietnam and other cross-cultural features of communication with the vietnamese companies.
Our Principles
  • Thorough elaboration of joint Russian-Vietnamese projects.
  • Deepest research and assessment of possible potential risks.
  • Responsibility for the result.
  • Unconditional compliance with legal rules and requirements of the national legislation of the Russian Federation and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
    We have experience in many business fields. Due to our team's practice and knowledge over many years, Russian and Vietnamese businessmen find each other and establish long-term mutually beneficial relations.

We determine the potential of joint projects and when complex, non-standard situations arise, we elaborate the best solutions.
Our Team
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